Electronic Media Wing

Electronic Media Wing

In the wake of WTO and highly diverse microfarminng situations present in the state, the role of electronic media to educate the farmers on efficient use of input in sustainable and export oriented agriculture, post harvest handling, market information ect., an Electronis Media Wing was established during 2001 by redeploing Five Multidisciplanary Scientists to promote e-extension.

Role of Electronic Media Wing to support e'extension.

  • Content generation
  • Script Writing
  • Story board preparation
  • Identification of resource persons
  • Selection of site for recording
  • Editing

Electronic Wing is entrusted to develop interactive CDs on different crops on seed to seed concept and developed CDs on Rice, Cotton, pulses, Mango, SRI, Groundnut, castor and wooly aphid in sugercane

Innovative farm telecast "Rythu Mitra"

The Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University in collaboration with the Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of A.P has launched an innovative farm telecast programme "Rythu Mitra" through TEJA Channel w.e.f. 6.8.2001. The programme is daily for one hour between 6.00 - 7.00 PM. 6.00 - 6.30 PM pre-recorded (canned) programmes usually three programmes, 10 min. each, one each on agriculture, horticulture and animal sciences/allied fields

  • 6.30-6.35 PM forecast of weather, pest and Diseases, Agricultural problems in the state and action plans.
  • 6.35-7.00PM Live phone-in-programme farmer-scientist interaction, two way audio-one way video.
  • Telecasting 2 programmes in a week (Tuesday and Friday) under Annadata Velugubata on E-TV Channel as distance learning.

Arranging live phone-in on DD sending recording programmes to MAA TV.

Impact points

  • An innovative e-extension, first time by any SAU in the country
  • Wide and fast reach with enhanced quality of learning and least dissemination losses.
  • Strengthened R-E-F Linkages
  • Interactive distance learning with expert extension
  • Producing more than 500 programmes a year.
  • Developed expertise in producing agricultural programmes and VCD's.
  • All the Scientists of the University are being utilized as experts.

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