ICAR Ongoing Research Projects

S.No. Region / Zone
I Zone - Northern Telangana
1 AICRP on Maize Improvement Project at A.R.S., Karimnagar
2 AICRP on Groundnut supporting centre at R.A.R.S., Jagtial
3 AICRP on Oilseeds for Sesame at R.A.R.S, Jagtial
4 AICRP Long Term Fertilisers Experiments at RARS, Jagtial
5 AICRP on Cropping System Research (MAE) at Rudrur
6 AICRP on Soybean at A.R.S., Adilabad
II Zone - Central Telangana
7 AICRP on Rice varieties for resistance to Gall midge at R.A.R.S.,Warangal
8 AICRP on Pulses(Pigeonpea) Sub-centre at R.A.R.S., Warangal
9 AICRP on Cropping System Research, RARS,Warangal
10 Zone - Southern Telangana
11 AICRP on Rice, Rajendranagar
12 AICRP on Micronutrients on Soil and Plants, Rajendranagar
13 AICRP on Investigation of Correlative of Soil Test with Crop response at Rajendranagar
14 AINP on Agricultural Ornithology at Rajendranagar
15 Seed Technology Research Project, Rajendranagar
16 Breeder Seed Production Unit, Rajendranagar
17 AICRP project on biological control of crop pests , Rajendranagar
18 AICRP on Pesticide Residue, Rajendranagar
19 AICRP on Agro-Forestry, Rajendranagar
20 AICRP on Weed Control, Rajendranagar
21 AICRP on Maize, Rajendranagar
22 AICRP on Sorghum, New Centre, Tandur
23 AICRP on Oilseed Sub-centre for Safflower, Tandur
24 AICRP on Sorghum, RARS, Palem
25 AICRP on Oilseed (Castor) at R.A.R.S., Palem
26 AICRP on Home science, PGRC, Rajendranagar

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